Broadcast & Technology Expo - Chapter 22 CNY


8:30AM-10:00AM Registration / Meet with Vendors on Exhibit Floor
10:00AM-10:30AM HD Radio Best Practices: Gen4 is Now Mainstream
Generation4 HD Radio hardware and software offers immense flexibility and reliability of HD Radio transmissions. This session will discuss the benefits of upgrading from Gen3 to Gen4 and discuss best practices and field implementation of Gen4 technology.
Alan Jurison, Senior Operations Engineer, iHeartMedia
10:30AM-11:15AM Cloud-Based Radio Broadcasting and the Last Mile Problem
Getting from the “Cloud” to an FM or AM transmitter site reliably, especially with last-mile issues of low bandwidth (or no bandwidth), is a significant issue. There are other technical challenges: How to handle RDS (with FM), deal with local EAS insertion, manage Nielsen PPM ratings encoding, time alignment of analog FM and HD1 while handling HD2 to HD6 along with supporting legacy transmitters. These are all significant challenges facing any broadcaster looking to make a move to the Cloud. We will examine these issues and their potential solutions including IP delivery redundancy, very low bandwidth solutions, and ways to handle the other issues mentioned above – all of which can be accomplished now.
Mike Pappas, VP Business Development, Orban
11:15AM-12:00PM Reducing Analog FM operating costs with SmartFM
Technological developments have brought great improvement in the efficiency of transmitters over years, but the physical and theoretical limits of components have nearly been reached. To obtain additional energy savings, designers must focus on the structural fundamentals of FM, realizing the tremendous progress made in transmitter and receiver performance, and applying “intelligent” transmission management. By adapting the signal-to-noise ratio to the program content, there can be significant energy savings with no impact on listening comfort. Basic theory and field testing data will be discussed.
Tony Peterle, Manager, Worldcast Systems
12:00PM-1:45PM Lunch $10 Buffet / Meet with Vendors on Exhibit Floor
1:00PM-1:45PM Cloud Switching Technology
A Blob of Undefined Nodes:  This presentation is a primer about cloud-based video production and an introduction to our cloud-based strategies and how to adopt cloud-based production to achieve their goals.
Tedd Tramaloni, North American Business Development Manager, Switchers & Servers, Ross Video
1:45PM-2:30PM Understanding and Launching an ATSC 3.0 Market
During this presentation we will discuss and explain key elements required to turn-up ATSC 3.0 services in a new television market. The intent of the presentation is to provide the audience a better understanding of the benefits of ATSC 3.0 services as well as high-level advantages to broadcasters. We will explore; Current “Lighthouse” concepts of sharing bandwidth among local broadcasters, Legal and contractual agreement building blocks covering; hosting agreements as well as market, technical and connectivity planning. Additionally, we will review the high level “Nuts and Bolts” of the equipment required to implement an ATSC 3.0 Host in each market. Lastly, we will review generic budgetary equipment costs including the status of the industry related to ATSC 3.0 market progress in US cities and internationally. Our presentation close with an update on consumer devices and current public/PR communications activities related to NextGen television.
Tom Mikkelsen, Chief Transition Director, BitPath
2:30PM-3:15PM ATSC 3.0 Transition Considerations
This presentation offers an executive summary of NextGen TV opportunities in the evolving market since the repack. Datacasting, MIMO, mobile video, EAS alert systems and other topics will be addressed. Equipment needs that broadcasters may consider as they travel down the new road to new potential revenue sources in this emerging business. SFN coverage in markets are also presented as a new consideration. In general, an overview of the different areas of concentration that our customers have asked to develop in the new business model of Next Gen TV.
Charles Sotto, Group Accounts Manager, Rohde & Schwarz USA
3:15PM-4:00PM How to Make Great 1080p HDR Simulcast for Your Station with ATSC 3.0
ATSC 3.0 provides a path for Broadcasters to move to the next level of picture quality – offering High Dynamic Range video, using the Wide Color Gamut, and even the possibility of offering 4k/UHD resolution. Studies show that High Dynamic Range (HDR) in particular is recognized by consumers as a significant step in picture quality.

Just like in the transition from SD to HD, In the early years of ATSC 3.0 some network programming may be provided in HDR but the bulk of the day (and many interstitial elements) will be standard HD. This presentation works through the issues and processes for preparing SDR video and graphics to integrate into an HDR workflow suitable for broadcast using the ATSC 3.0 toolkit.
John Mailhot, CTO, Networking & Infrastructure, Imagine Communications