Employment Opportunities

Radio Contract Engineer

WRCU at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY is looking for a contract engineer in the area to do some work on a regular basis to keep the station running well. The studios are in pretty solid shape – everything from the Harris boards to the automation system are fairly current.  They are looking at upgrading from NextGen to Zetta, and have a fair bit of backlogged work on maintenance, installation of some equipment that was purchased but never deployed.  Their audio routing/switching (also Harris VistaMax) is still running on Windows XP and badly broken in some very challenging ways.  They would also like to get a fresh look at options for going to HD and perhaps bumping their power.

If you are interested in taking on a small client station, contact Steve Fabiani, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Colgate University.  Click on Steve’s name for email link, or call:  315.228.6611